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Imed Soltani:

President of Association la Terre pour Tous

Uncle of two missing migrants

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Imed Soltani

President of Association la Terre pour Tous and Uncle of two missing migrants.


Imed Soltani is the president of “La Terre pour Tous”. Since 2011 he fights to prevent migrants’ death and disappearance in the Mediterranian sea and to bring their bodies back home. Imed founded the association after the disappearance of his nephews Slim and Belhasen. Each year he participates in the caravan that he organizes with the Italian association Carovane Migranti. This tour starts from Tunisia to Italy to raise awareness about the migration crisis. Also, he participated in “La Marche de La Libert√©” from Strasburg to Brussels in 2014, and more recently, in The 8th World Social Forum on Migration in Mexico.

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