The Stories of Missing Migrants

Soud: Badreddine’s Story

The Stories of Missing Migrants

Soud: Badreddine’s Story

“I will search for him for as long as I have two legs to do so.”

Impact on Family

He had a great relationship with his father. His father loved him a lot. When his son left he was in so much emotional pain that he had a stroke.  When he heard the news that his son had left he cried uncontrollably. That day, from the anxiety,  he cried until he couldn’t anymore. It even began to scare me.”

“His siblings were affected immensely by him leaving. (My daughter) Yusra, dreams of him. She dreams of him coming to her and giving her the name of the prison in Italy that he is being kept at. It even turned out that the prison she dreamt of was a real prison. We confirmed it.” – siblings

“You look near the fountain and you can see him drinking or eating… You look at the balcony and you see him standing there. You see him in every room. You see him at the turn of every corner. I (see him everywhere) I can’t stand to live in my own home anymore.”

Soud’s Message

To Italian government:

“I pray to God first, and ask the Italian government second, that if they have even the slightest bit of empathy and humanity if they have people there who care about my situation and feel my pain, to stand by me. To let me go to Italy and see if he is being kept in your prisons. Help cool my fire, let me search for my son to see if he’s there.”

To the American government:

“It’s America. They can resolve our issue in less than a day. They aren’t Tunis or Italy. They are powerful. They’re the most powerful country. I want my message to reach all of America. From the government to its people. Me and all the other Tunisian mothers implore you guys to search your prisons as well. It’s not unlikely that they’ve been taken there too. Anything is possible. They can also start by putting pressure on Tunisia, putting pressure on Italy, and asking them where these kids are. ”