The Stories of Missing Migrants

Emna: Akram’s Story

The Stories of Missing Migrants

Emna: Akram’s Story

“My relationship with my son was the strongest. Even when he was just a little boy, he was very dear to me. He was like a son, a daughter, he was everything to me. He helped me with everything.” 


“He (my son)  told me that he couldn’t stay and that there was nothing left for him in this country. He said that if my  brother couldn’t get a job with his degree, I’m never going to find a job without one.” 

“My son pleaded with his father. He begged him to land him a position in public administration. Unfortunately, his father wouldn’t listen to him. He had his license and was very prepared to fill the shoes of his father, but he refused. Akram lost hope, he felt hurt and disheartened.  And as fate would have it,  the revolution happened which resulted in the coastal security breach. The sea became  open for him to go.” 

“He only began plotting to leave after the revolution. He was never very keen on leaving. He told me 3 or 4 days before leaving. He asked me for money, he said I’m leaving I need money. If it wasn’t for the money, and he was capable of leaving on his own, he never would’ve called me.” 

Impact on Family

“His other siblings, all their lives came to a stop. Everything changed. Everything.” 

 “It’s different. We don’t see each other anymore. The energy is different. Not for Eid, barely for Ramadan. I spent Eid alone. All our celebrations have a bitter taste now since he’s left.” – Mihar (Akram’s brother)

“My problems are becoming too much. My ex-husband gave up on us, my son left me, and my other son is still unemployed. Instead of one problem, I have three.” 

Emna’s Message

To all European governments:

“The Tunisian government was not willing to stand with us, so please stand with us. Help us find a solution.” 

To the American government and its citizens:

“To the American government, stand with us. To the American people, stand with us.”